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Each Pet deserves a DOUBOWLS™


Do your puppies really enjoy their meal comfortably? 

DOUBOWLS™ is the best way to give an excellent eating experience to your cats because his stomach will not be crushed anymore!



  • If your puppies use a regular bowl to eat at ground level, you can see that they are eating with poor posture. If they continue to eat like this, their stomachs will be crushed. Their digestion and appetite can be seriously impaired. Most likely, you have happened to have vomited after a meal.
  • Puppies cannot use the normal food bowl. A well-designed bowl is needed for them. This bowl is best for giving an excellent feeding experience to your puppies.

  • Improve the eating experience: Large wide-diameter bowl, being able to put more food and water inside the bowl. The base is 8 cm elevated. Bowls are 15 degrees tilted,  provide a comfortable eating angle to your puppies. It can reduce the strain when leaning their bodies, which can improve the spine and digestive system. For cats having vomiting problem after meals, this bowl can give them a better position when eating. The inclination of the bowl can help to get the food down to their digestion system so that vomiting problem can be solved.
  • Increase digestion and appetite: Eating with this bowl can increase puppies appetite. The comfortable eating position allows them to relax their bodies. The stress in muscles, bones and joints can be reduced. Without this stress, puppies can eat more and get more nutrients. 
  • Simple and Beautiful decor to your house: a simple design that is suitable for all home environments. With three different colors and styles, you can choose any bowl that matches your home environment.
  • Non-Slip, Durable: the quality of the material provides a beautiful glass effect. High quality plastic makes the bowl strong and light. It also has a solid non-slip base.



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